Material Scans

High quality renderings demand high quality materials. We specialize in digitizing real surfaces for production use, independent of your rendering solution. We provide integrations for video game engines like Unity and Unreal, renderers like Octane, Cycles, V-Ray and many more as well as Tools for converting our materials for your custom software.

Scan Service

We scan your real world material samples to create highly accurate and photorealistic digital PBR materials for use in your 3D environment.

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Material Library

We are building a constantly growing library of pre-scanned materials including fabric, leather, wood, plastic, metal and many more.

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Custom Solution

We offer our broad and deep knowledge in material science and CGI, helping you to develop your individual solution.

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Our team

We are a young team of highly skilled engineers with a passion for photorealistic renderings, specialized in digitizing real surfaces. Coming from a strong research background in computer graphics and image processing we are constantly developing new technologies to improve and extend our material scanning capabilities.

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